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Afternoons In Stereo is the province of Canadian producer Greg Vickers, who brings analog sensibilities into the digital arena and forges a sound that is simultaneously vintage and retro while being thoroughly modern and contemporary.

While digital in its DNA, the Afternoons In Stereo sound is best described as one that embraces the complexity of modern composition and pays homage to the analog sensibilities of live recording. It's these elements that give Afternoons in Stereo his distinct sound, locked somewhere between electronic and club music and the sexier side of 60s and 70s jazz. While electronic music is the launching point, the music often navigates the wider orbit of jazz and funk to explore a myriad of influences and styles. Soundtrack tones and cinematic textures appear, while elements of psychedelia, afrobeat, and fusion often emerge to bring the grooves to the forefront.

To-date Afternoons In Stereo has released six studio albums. The independent debut, Aural Pleasure, came together in 2004, its follow-up Leaves Of Brass being released in 2006 and winning the Hamilton Music Award for Best Electronic Album of that year. The City Is Sleeping, released in the winter of 2008, garnered the HMA for Best Instrumental Album. All three records, independently produced and released, made a definitive impact on the underground electronic music scene.

The fourth studio album, The Silence Between Phrases, was released in summer 2010 on the Timewarp Music label based in Athens, Greece. A remix collection of the full album, entitled 'Rephrased', followed in 2011.

Six additional EP's and numerous remixes for the label followed. A collection of remix work, entitled Conspire To Rewire, was released in 2012. The music of Afternoons In Stereo has itself been remixed by numerous DJs and producers.

A side-project under the name Kanada offered a full-length release entitled 'Morphology', released on the Kraak imprint in 2011 and exploring the origins of ambient electronic music.

The next Afternoons In Stereo studio record, simply entitled '5', was released on Timewarp in 2013. The lead single, Soul Sugar, with its kitschy retro video, became a huge hit on the underground scene garnishing it scores of plays on YouTube and seeing the song licensed for multiple media projects and platforms.

As part of a celebration of 10 years of making music, two collections of the producer's music were collected featuring unreleased tracks and alternate mixes. The first, A Jazz Odyssey, released in 2014, assembled the more jazz-oriented end of the artist's output. The second, released in 2015 and simply entitled Retrospective, reflected the funkier, club-driven sound of the producer's work and also featured unreleased tracks and alternate mixes.

The next studio offering, Echo Valley, was released in 2016. The artist's most ambitious and musically mature record to date it explored jazz, cinematica, and hazy psyche-driven funk with the producer's most adventurous sonic template so far.

When not making music Afternoons In Stereo hosted the popular weekly radio show Urban Modernists from 2005 to 2015, playing a curated selection of jazz, soul, afrobeat, downtempo, and cinematica. On Facebook he maintains a fanbase dedicated to his compilations and mixes, also posted regularly on Mixcloud.

After a well-earned hiatus from recording and releasing, Afternoons In Stereo returns in 2021 with anticipated re-releases of his first three albums -- each remastered and with bonus tracks. A new studio album, Last Of The Earth Cult, a concept album steeped in electronic and ambient music, will be released in the last quarter of the year.

The music of Afternoons In Stereo has been licensed for compilations and media platforms as well as film and TV. The catalog continues to be absorbed into discerning playlists and provides the soundtrack for countless bars, lounges, restaurants, and retail outlets around the globe.

Afternoons In Stereo music is available through Bandcamp and on all streaming and digital retail platforms. Contact Timewarp Music and Kraak Records for licensing requests.

Afternoons In Stereo can be found on the web at:

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