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The Doctormusic project is Simone Barbaresi & Andrea Soricetti. Two very close friends who had a really good chemistry during the composing phase and in the recording studio. They both come from two different schools and their music is now a crossover between funk and electronic music. Simone Barbaresi dj’ d in many popular Italian clubs such as Cocoricò, Echoes, Peter Pan, Pascià, Magazzini Generali; Andrea Soricetti played in a band and had a passion for composing music. They are both great fans of vinyl records and are constantly looking to capture the right sampler or beat to produce the right music as well as the right records.

Simone and Andrea started working together on Doctormusic Project in 2005 and their cooperation resulted in the 'Fight 4 your right 2 party' ep released by Timewarp Music. 'Fight 4 your right 2 party' is composed by 3 super killer funky, house, electro and breaks tracks. They have released a second ep on Timewarp and their third ep was released on Kraak Records. Funk's not dead!

DMP Dj Set September 2011 mixed by Doctor Music

Cruise Attitude DJ Set September 2011 mixed by Simone Barbaresi

Hot Party DJ Set Julie 2010 mixed live by Doctormusic Project

Download Doctormusic Project's Press Kit & Rider (English)

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