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Scheibosan, musiccollector, DJ & selector since 1981, is everywhere at home in the musicworld. As one of the oldest DJs of Austria he is a fixed part of the viennes clubscene & a wellcomed guest on radio FM4 (Silly Solid Swound System) & in austria and other radiostations in the networld. In former days he was responsible for the “Black Coffee” downtempo-compilation on Ecco Chamber rec and one of the first DJs of austria who played in an ambient & groove style in the 90s.

He is & was spinnin the wheels of steel & rockin the house in nearly all famous austrian clubs & venues like U4, Flex, WUK, Camera, Porgy & Bess, Planetarium, Sass, Fluc, Rockhaus/Salzburg, Conrad Sohm/Vorarlberg, Postgarage/Graz, .... and on festivals like Sonneklang, Urban Art Forms, .... His Job as “musicentertainer” leaded him to variouse clubs and festivals in russia, croatia, greece, brasil, germany, hungary, spain, switzerland, france, ....

His style is multifarious, because of the lots of music &styles which passed his ears during the ys. He is always in progress and diggin for nu music & styles. At the moment he entertains with up & downtempogroove, balkan & ethno & south-american music, jazzy & organic techhouse & minimal (he calls it “worldmusictechno” ;), progressive house, cosmicsoundz, vintage jazz/funk/soul/brasil/disco. He also played during the ys psytrance & breatbeatz to name a few styles since 1981 !

He is a specialist in “fusionmusic” who digs nearly all new dance-music- developments which influence his DJ-sets.

“Diverse musicdirections – diverse musicworlds – but nevertheless very close. All combinations are possible today, of some we even havent dreamed of – lot of interesting things to come in this world of music !”

To get into the spirit of the location & partycrowd is very important for Scheibosan: “For an event i try to find the right sound for the location, the people & the athmosphere. I think thats the real function of a DJ – awarness, selection, combining & mixing for the people - determine a partynight. You have to get in contact with the peeps & not just play your favourite trax & mix them perfect.”

He is also producing with his mate Shanti Roots (who is also working with Joyce Muniz from Exploited & Defected) for several labels (see releases). During the ys they varied their style, so they went from downtempostuff to their favorite music at the moment: house, techhouse, minimal, but always with the spice “organic”, catchy hooks and samples on a fat groovin 4 to the floor beat.

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