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VA - Save your funk'in ears
Catalogue No: TMDC 002
Release Date: 29 May 2006
Media: CD Digipack

Nu funk, Dub, Freestyle and Electronic influenced dance music!




Save your funk’in ears is compiled by our partner and guest, Dj Didis from Thessaloniki, Greece.

We call it nu funk, dub freestyle and electronic influenced dance music. Most of the tracks appear for the first time on cd format from international artists, taken from 12” vinyl, some are taken from albums of new greek artists, while the rest are worldwide-unreleased exclusives from our label.

All Good Funk Alliance from U.S with their bomb funky latin break AGFA Theme track, open this compilation showing us a unique blend of their production. This track appears for the first time on cd in Europe.

Fort Knox Five (new radio mix) from Washington DC follow up with their Dodge City Rockers, a must break funk with lots of groovy sounds and hip vocals.

Basement freaks, one of the rising Greek producers, carries on with his stunning and warm fat sound track Nova Monkies.

Blend, one of the most respectful and popular artists in Greece gives us an unexpected sound with old school breaks, amazing brass section and vocals with Scream For I.

So.T is our exclusive and most surprising Athens based artists, with his uplifting down tempo production, fat baselines and exciting echoes. Street Fight is a must dance floor track for this summer.

Professor Skunk from Greece gives the most wonderful dub funk reggae track; amazing brass section with love and melodies, a Mediterranean summer hit for all dub lovers out there.

Geriba from Germany. We Guaranteed you this track is a hip funk killer, first time appears on cd, sure will keep you high!

Nickodemus with amazing Funky In The Middle, a first time appearance on cd the remix from funky dub headz from berlin Haaksmaan & Haaksman.

Timewarp inc from Athens, with a new exclusive track written specially for this cd compilation, continues his success after releasing ‘dub my funky groove’ album with a boogie disco Afrofunk anthem featuring wonderful Emma on vocals.

Quasamodo from Athens with track Rhythm Mo’ continues our exclusives with grooves and vibes blended from house and funk.

Medras from Athens reminds us that the summer is close with his Cool It track. Fresh, juicy, mellow and trippy. Another exclusive from our label.

Double Beat from Italian Big sure records with a dynamic and full filled funk, detroit blended dance track. Something New, a dance floor killer, first time appearance on cd.

Cayetano with Spiritual Sun coming from Thessaloniki. Electro funk is the right description for this track; a full on dance tune.

Another exclusive from our label is Digital Alkemist a project from Athens with the track The Job In Brazil. He already knows how to make good grooves, as he is a drummer himself he can grab the Latin rhythms and the funky attitude.

And at last Vibe Tribe from Thessaloniki with Breathe track, amazing sounds, trippy and dubby, the exact path to find motion grooves and organic moods.



1. All Good Funk Alliance - AGFA Theme
2. Fort Knox Five - Dodge City Rockers
3. Basement Freaks - Nova Monkies
4. Blend - Scream For I
5. So.T - Street Fight
6. Professor Skank - Party
7. Geriba - Guaranteed
8. Nickodemus - Funky In The Middle (Haaksman & Haaksman remix)
9. Timewarp inc - Afrofunk Feat. Emma
10. Quasamodo - Rhythm Mo'
11. Medras - Cool It
12. Double Beat - Something New
13. Cayetano - Spiritual Sun
14. Digital Alkemist - The Job In Brazil
15. Vibe Tribe – Breathe

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