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Koka Mass Jazz - Elephunky Trip 12" (Vinyl)

Catalogue No: TMVL002
Release Date: May 15, 2019
Media: 12" Black Vinyl"

Limited edition (250 copies), 12"inch black vinyl. Includes 3 Vinyl Only Bonus tracks (see tracks: A5, B1 & B2 titled with ""// Vinyl Bonus""). You will find these three tracks only in the physical vinyl release. A download code to own this release digitally, will be included and offered only inside the vinyl package. We will not offer or sell as a digital download this release with it's bonus tracks.

File Under: Nu Funk / Dub / Soul / Broken Beat / Nu Jazz


This is our second vinyl!

You will not be able to download this release, as it is meant to promote the vinyl release only. If you want to buy the previous released digital version instead, please visit this page here

All tracks, recorded & mixed by Konstantin Katsarski at the Blubabox studio, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Additional remix production, arrangement & performance on (B1,B2) by Timewarp inc.

Audiophile Analog Mastering: Angelos Timewarp Stoumpos at Timewarp Mastering

Cover Design: Vagelis Phocas

All songs on this album published by Timewarp Music LTD. Under the exclusive license from Koka Mass Jazz.



All songs are composed by Konstantin Katsarski excpet "At this Moment" that is co-composed with Dimitar Lyolev.

Lyrics: Krustina Kokorska (B3), Rachel Row (B3,B4), Michelle Katrese Cromwell (A1,A4,A5,B1,B2) and Boyan Levchev (A3,B5).

Krustina Kokorska (Krista) // vocals (B3,B4) and back vocals (A1,A3,A4,A5,B1,B3,B4,B5)
Michelle Katrese Cromwell (Tiffany Blu) // vocals (A1,A4,A5,B1)
Boyan Levchev (Big Misty) - vocals // (A3,B5)
Georgi Yanev // guitars
Martin Tashev // trumpet
Dimitar Lyolev // saxophone
Milen Kukosharov // keyboards (A4,A5,B3,B4)
Evden Dimitrov // bass (A2)
Petko Slavov // bass (A3,A4,A5,B4)
Spas Katsarski // bass (A1,,B3,B5)
Konstantin Katsarski // drums, percussion, keyboards.

Special Thanks:

Koka Mass Jazz would like to thank: Musicautor, Dimitar Karanikolov, Dimitar Paskalev (Bluba Lu), Katya Atanasova, Viara Dineva, Plamen Kovachev, my family and friends.

Timewarp Music would like to thank everyone that helped, supported and got involved in this project to make this vinyl real & possible.


Koka Mass Jazz - Elephunky Trip (12" Vinyl) will be available on May 15, 2019 for sale at timewarpstore

BUY THIS RELEASE IN 12" Vinyl Format"


A1. Play The Game feat. Tiffany Blu
A2. At This Moment
A3. Getting Better feat. Boyan Levchev
A4. Summer Soul feat. Tiffany Blu
A5. Summer Soul feat. Tiffany Blu (Acapulko Version) // Vinyl Bonus
B1. Play The Game feat. Tiffany Blu (Timewarp inc Remix) // Vinyl Bonus
B2. Play The Game (Timewarp inc Instrumental Remix) // Vinyl Bonus
B3. Fight Fire with Fire feat. Krista
B4. Day And Night feat. Krista
B5. Why feat. Boyan Levchev

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