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The Dutch musician Niles Philips (Arjen Flipsen) creates a mixture of break beat music with funky elements, a touch of electronic ingredients and a slight raw edge. His style varies from lay back listening bits to catchy danceable grooves.

Niles Philips was born in the mid 70’s in the east of the Netherlands. Trough his youth he developed a strong connection with electronic music. In the mid 80’s his mother encouraged him to start playing electronic organ. From day one it was the rhythmic session and bass sound of the organ that pulled his attention right away. Switching the pre-programmed grooves, while moving the bass line with the bass pedals, had more impact on the young Niles then realized at that moment. After a while he started to ‘dub’ and ‘edit’ his basic grooves by recording and rerecording them on tape. With those basic recording opportunities in range he added more and more ingredients to the recordings. Like small bits of radio, television and samples from vinyl recordings.

In the late 80’s Niles had the opportunity to release his creativity on a computer. It started with a 4 track music tracker and an audio editing program to sample sounds. A new world with a wide spectrum of opportunities opened up. The ease of moving around and layering sounds was brilliant in comparison with the tape recordings. Although the downside was the 8 bit sound quality at that time. But technique evolved and in the early 90’s it was in reach for almost everybody to have a 16 bit music tracker on your PC with 32 tracks and up. So the sky was the limit at that moment. This enormous freedom of creativity resulted in a lot of experimenting and learning with friends and colleague musicians.

Growing up with the electronic music scene (and the connected dance scene) always kept him interested in the history of music “to move on”. Through the time he developed a huge passion for Soul music, Funk, Rare grooves and related styles from the mid to late 60’s. It where the drums and bass driven grooves with a slight, raw edge and catchy melodies that attracted his attention especially. As a musician Niles got more and more inspired by those “old grooves” and music originated from those grooves. He started to ask himself the question, if it would be possible for him to combine his view of “yesterday” with his perspective on music “today”. After a while of experimenting the result was a slightly raw style of “grooves”, with catchy melodies and sounds, build around bass and drums.

In 2008 Niles’s first musical pieces in this style where signed by Timewarp music (GR). This first release was rapidly picked up by Nokia's xpressmusic and the popular game Tap Tap revenge by Tapulous Inc. (Subsidiary of Disney Interactive Studios)

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