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Timewarp inc - Dub my funky groove
Catalogue No: TMDC 001
Release Date: 03 October 2005
Media: Double CD Digipack

A double cd album that will truly impress many!


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Timewarp inc - Dub My Funky Groove.

Timewarp became known after his track FunkE was included in the compilation Black Coffee chapter 6 where his music joined forces with the greater representatives of the scene like Thievery Corporation and Tosca.

Success continued with the 1st place his second personal LP “Time in waves” held in the Deutsche chill out charts.

He has participated in the largest festivals in Europe like Spring Three in Graz, Austria where he performed live and a Dj set with other artists like Quantic Soul Orchestra, Funky lowlives, Gilles Paterson, etc.

He also performed an excellent live set in Samothraki Dance Festival and many others. In Greece he got popular from the music he has composed for various TV commercial spots like Stolichnaya vodka, VW Polo, Seat Ibiza and more.

Counting 2 personal LP and over than 15 participations in worldwide compilations, his new personal LP “Dub my funky groove” is being released in early October worldwide by Timewarp music. A double cd album with participation of other musicians that will truly impress many!!

Cd 1 Groove Dubs 'n' Funky Pastes
1. Jum jazi
2. FunkE
3. Latin fiesta feat. Lilian
4. The obssession bug feat. Lilian (le chat botte mix)
5. Diskotekk
6. If i was a funkey (afro edit)
7. Enjoy the silence
8. Happy theme
9. Fun-kit
10. In jazz
11. Dop smoker
12. Soulfiction
13. Wanadu
14. Dub master feat. Irene & Angelo
15. I feel lucky (mellow edit)

Cd 2 Chill Dubs 'n' Mellow Cuts
1. You can't be me feat.Lilian
2. Phatmatrix lounge
3. Top5 feat. Rxn
4. Nu shit year
5. Nothing special
6. If i was a funkey
7. Flamenco
8. Dub trap
9. Tig7
10. Heat in
11. Epic tones feat. Rxn
12. Alone and nowhere (nubeat)
13. Kareta
14. In dub

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|FREE DOWNLOAD| Timewarp inc - Diskotekk


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