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Timewarp inc - Dub my funky groove Remixes & Reworks
Catalogue No: TMDC 003
Release Date: 23 October 2006
Media: Double CD Digipack

This double cd album includes 26 remixed & reworked tracks from our first release “Timewarp inc - Dub my funky groove”!




Timewarp inc - Dub My Funky Groove – Remixes & Reworks.

This double cd album includes 26 remixed & reworked tracks from our first release “Timewarp inc - Dub my funky groove”. Many artists from all around the globe have participated in this cd.

Shanti Roots & Scheibosan, Ed Royal & Enne and Stefan Obermaier represent the Austrian scene. Geriba from Germany, Mod X from France and Rephrase from Australia.

Greece is represented by Atiko Minus Project, Quasamodo, Blend, Basement Freaks, So.T, Cayetano, Digital Alkemist, Medras, Sundayman, Dj Didis, Nonion Breed, Mr. Lookman, Djfree, Vectorman, Niqo Lyberi, Direct Connection, X-Angel and Aiora.

The musical style of this cd is also multi cultural and multi mixed. From downtempo ambient tunes to funky breaks, dub, house and electro soundz. In its whole it can be featured as freestyle as it includes tracks that refer to all the branches of modern electronica:

Shanti Roots & Scheibosan, Stefan Obermaier, Mr. Lookman and Niqo Lyberi transform “The Obssession Bug” with electrohouse-funk, downtempo, deep-tech and freestyle breaks.

"Latin Fiesta", from Cayetano, Vectorman, Nonion Breed and Mod X is introduced with freestyle house, electro and broken beats tunes.

Ed Royal & Enne, Geriba and Rephrase remixed “Afrofunk” based on funk and minimal soul.

“FunkE” and Epic Tones remain in chill out beats from Medras, Aiora, Sundayman and X-Angel.

Quasamodo, So.T and DjFree worked on “Diskotekk” using funky breaks.

Jum Jazi, Soulfiction, Dop Smoker, You cant be me, Enjoy the Silence and In Jazz from Digital Alkemist, Atiko Minus, Basement Freaks, Dj Didis, Direct Connection and Blend represent dub and downtempo funk.

Finally Flamenco and Dub Master from Nonion Breed and Quasamodo is now progressive and house.


Track List:

CD1 Freestyle Moods
1. Jum Jazi (Digital Alkemist rmx)
2. Dop Smoker (Basement Freaks rmx)
3. You Can't Be Me (Dj Didis Superflash rmx)
4. In Jazz (Blend rmx)
5. Afrofunk Feat. Emma (Geriba rmx)
6. Diskotekk (Djfree Ruxperienced rmx)
7. Afrofunk Feat. Emma (Ed Royal & Enne rmx)
8. Diskotekk (Quasamodo Kick Your Brass rmx)
9. Afrofunk Feat. Emma (Rephrase rmx)
10. The Obssession Bug Feat. Lillian (Stefan Obermaier rmx)
11. Epic Tones Feat. RXN (Sundayman Chill Out rmx)
12. Soulfiction Feat. Lillian (Atiko Minus Project Subsonic rmx)
13. FunkE (Medras rework)

CD2 City Grooves
1. Diskotekk (So.T rmx)
2. The Obssession Bug Feat. Lillian (Shanti Roots & Scheibosan's Electrowanz rmx)
3. Latin Fiesta Feat. Lillian (Cayetano rmx)
4. Dub Master Feat. Irene & Angelo (Quasamodo Uptempo rmx)
5. The Obssession Bug Feat. Lillian (Niqo Lyberi Quantum rmx)
6. Flamenco (Nonion Breed rmx)
7. Latin Fiesta Feat. Lillian (Nonion Breed rmx)
8. The Obssession Bug Feat. Lillian (Mr. Lookman Day & Night rmx)
9. Latin Fiesta Feat. Lillian (Vectorman's New Groove rmx)
10. Latin Fiesta Feat. Lillian (MOD X rework)
11. Epic Tones Feat. RXN (X-Angel X-Spiritual rmx)
12. FunkE (Aiora Barefoot rmx)
13. Enjoy The Silence (Direct Connection Dub rmx)

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