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Quasamodo - Truth Be Told
Catalogue No: TMDC 004
Release Date: September 2007
Media: CD Custom Digipack

This double cd album includes 28 tracks full of various music styles mixtures!




Beginning of June Timewarp music returns with a new release:

Quasamodo – Truth be told!

This double cd album includes 28 tracks full of various music styles mixtures! Almost every style of modern electronica is blended up under the cooking of Quasamodo. CD 1 starts off with some fast funky beats from the 70s and slowly progresses to more mature electro-funk sounds. All this, blended in with a portion of kinky house gives the sound of Quasamodo.

CD 2 starts off with a mixture of erotic lounge and soulful house tracks that set the mood off for the "old band" funky music style which follows. This CD contains a much softer collection of songs some with very melodic vocals.

Quasamodo's first track appearance was released in ¨Save Your Funkin Ears¨. He continues with two remixes for Timewarp inc released in "Dub my funky groove Remixes & Reworks" which were a complete megablast.

He is a music chameleon changing his styles from house vibes to funky fat blasters, downtempo blended with trip hop and sexy stylish atmos. This is something you can't help loving in "Truth be told".


Track list:

1.Tutti Booty
2. Intenso Azul
3. I Know You
4. Rhythm Mo'
5. Scream For Daddy
6. You Scratch Mine, I'll Scratch Yours
7. Porn Star 101
8. Truth Be Told
9. Esmeraldas' Theme
10. Work That Sucka
11. Do Yo Thang
12. Party Time
13. Funktastic (Timewarp Inc Remix)

1. Deseo Brutal
2. Sim One
3. Tramp Dance
4. Swimsuit Lounge
5. Simple Reward
6. Through Your Eyes
7. Do It Again
8. (Sea)cret
9. Spill Out
10. Afrifunk
11. Mirror Mirror
12. I Need You
13. 1978 Tequila
14. By Your Side

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