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Quincy Jointz - Praia De Geriba
Catalogue No: TMDG 028
Release Date: 29 May 2009
Media: Digital EP - Virtual Vinyl

Fifteen tracks full of funky breakbeat flavour, hip hop beats and Old-School attitude!




German producer and dj Quincy Jointz has released many ep's and remixes in the last three years which caused massive dancefloor-action all around the world. Ace dj's like Fort Knox Five, All Good Funk Alliance, Ursula 1000 support his music. So it was time for the first full length album. And here it is:

“Quincy Jointz - Praia de Geriba”

Fifteen tracks full of funky breakbeat flavour, hip hop beats and Old-School attitude. “The thief” is a homage to the downbeat sound of Washington. A tune with Hip Hop vocals, horns and hypnotising beat.

Quincy teams up with San Francisco based top-producer Tal M. Klein in “6 million ways to swim”. Too many ways to get funky? Not with Quincy & Tal. This one combines live drum samples with a sound that starts parties for sure.

“Danny Massure - Rewind” is not only what you scream when you hear this tune – it´s also the title of a remix Quincy did for US top-notch producer Danny Massure. Uplifting funk-burner with amazing vocals by Loretta Jones.

“Fresh funky dude” was produced virtual. Germans upcoming producer-talent Jayl Funk and Quincy met on the web. They created this tune without knowing each other personal, only by sharing files on the internet. Both have a similar feeling for dancefloor-oriented tunes. So they did this one which got much support from the very first beginning.

Bantu is a big name in recent Afro-music and so it was a big honour to Quincy to remix his “Oya Oya”. “Shake what ya mama gave ya!” – definitely the motto of the original and the remix.

Quincy was very impressed when he travelled around in Brazil. He met many interesting people. Unfortunately he didn´t meet DJ Soares and Big Theo from Sao Paolo. But the internet made this collaboration tune possible. The result “Super hero” a laid-back funky sound that meets Brazilian rap-vocals. Sure to bring back summer-feelings.

“Chicago” is another funky downbeat tune with a mixture of synthie-sounds and clavinet.

“Hottie Party” gets the party started. A downtempo groover with horns that will stay on your mind.

“The Place” is a smooth and laid back tune, smoking beats and groovy…chilling!

“Faceless” - it´s a secret why it´s called like this. The horns, a funky bassline and some scratches that makes you smile all over the face.

'Real' is a perfect track for clever dancing and flirting on the floor. Funky and fun atmosphere mixed with dub & hip hop.

“Timewarp Inc – Afrofunk (Quincy Jointz remix)” – Quincy Jointz first remix ever was featured on the remix album “Timewarp Inc – Dub my funky groove – remixed and reworked”. This version is an album-edit.

“Trippin’” - smoking grooves, licked brasses, funky guitars a must dance floor track on his minimal way. You will love this groove…

“Tal M Klein - That ain´t no mermaid” The Quicny Jointz remix is a booty shakin' big funk breaks mix full of horns and flutes.

“La Dub Musica” closing the album with a hypnotising dub-tune. Spanish vocals combined with guitars and strange effects.



1 Quincy Jointz - The Thief
2 Quincy Jointz ft. Tal M Klein - 6 Millions ways to swim
3 Danny Massure - Rewind (Quincy Jointz remix)
4 Quincy Jointz ft. Jayl Funk – FreshFunkyDude
5 Bantu - OyaOya (Quincy Jointz remix)
6 Quincy Jointz ft. Dj Soares & Big Theo - Super Hero
7 Quincy Jointz – Chicago
8 Quincy Jointz – Hottie_Party
9 Quincy Jointz - The Place
10 Quincy Jointz – Faceless
11 Quincy Jointz – Real
12 Timewarp inc - Afrofunk (Quincy Jointz remix)
13 Quincy Jointz – Trippin
14 Tal M Klein - That aint no mermaid (Quincy Jointz remix)
15 Quincy Jointz - La Dub Musica

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