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Leon - Madfunk Project
Catalogue No: TMDG 061
Release Date: 7 September 2010
Media: Digital EP - Virtual Vinyl

The song it self is a blast nu funk breaks and house theme. Bless to the Jamaican mc's on the song, and Vlado's unique blend of nu disco and dirty dub house and funky influences. Over 13 remixes are ready to go for the Jamaican song, and we thought that could be better to split it into two volumes....



Leon a.k.a Stephane Voituret is a native citizen of Verneuil sur Seine (Paris area) cradle of many talented musicians. After his last old school nu funk and disco single ep release under the name “Madfunk EP” he is back with his second album: "Madfunk Project".

Leon collaborated on Timewarp label since 2009 with fat releases and remixes for artists like Timewarp inc and Teddy Presberg and his music got great attention the last months over the nu funk scene across the planet.

Madfunk Project is not another usual release. An album of ten cinematic and original recordings from multi instrumentalist Leon. Great produced songs that will generate imaginary motion pictures like you've been into a movie. Electronic breaks combined with 70's old school techniques and arranged with many live instruments, electronic and samples. With film scoring and blaxploitation concept in mind Leon creates melodies and and grooves in his musical journey to create his amazing new album. All tracks were recorded from funky bass , guitar riffs and rhythm loops. Those songs where created with a sampler addition themes, keyboard parts and orchestral arrangements. That was the only way to capture the original energy of the music. As Leon states “It seems like a movie but it’s not a movie. It seems like electro but it’s not electro. It feels like funk but that’s not funk. That’s just the “Madfunk Project”



01 Leon - The opening
02 Leon - Radio noise
03 Leon - Madfunk
04 Leon - Le rendez vous
05 Leon - Run baby run
06 Leon - The magnificent
07 Leon - That phunky jam
08 Leon - The return of the magnificent
09 Leon - Keep it funky
10 Leon - The opening (reprise)

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