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Timewarp (his family still calls him Angelos Stoumpos) is a fine example of one more artist, in this case a musician, that was first recognised internationally and then he turned his inner eye to the Greek market.

With many of his tracks featured in international Lounge / Freestyle / Downtempo famous compilations such as Black Coffee (Ecco Chamber), Sensuality Lounge and Camapari Red Passion compilations (Sony Music ), White Lounge (Music Park) and Ibiza Global Radio Moods (Irma), he wright fully won his participation in many festivals (Spring three in Vienna, where he played with Gilles Paterson & Quantic Soul Orchestra, in Croatia at San Pelegrino Festival with Dimitri from Paris and Smoove & Turell and in Brazil's Tibe Festival) and guest dj sets in great clubs in Europe and around the world (Camera Club & Cafe Leopold in Vienna /Austria, Tageins Club in Freiburg/ Germany, Budapest, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil -Sao Paolo and many more).

While experimenting with Nu-Funk / Breaks / Nu Disco / Freestyle / Dub sounds and appearing in numerous events in Greece and abroad since mid-90s, he got great reviews and was soon announced as the 'best Greek Nu-Funkster' from famous people of the scene as Graig Charles (BBC), Ralf Droesemeyer (Mo'Horizons), Dublex inc, Deep Dive Corporation (In-D Records), All Good Funk Alliance (Funk Weapons), Fort Knox Five, Dj Aeon Seven (Ninja Tunes), Parov Stelar (Etage Noir), Ancient Astronauts (ESL), Ganga, Fab Samperi, Q-Burns Abstract Message and many more!

In the beginning of 2004 after wanting to present his sound to Greece and the world, he created the independent record label, Timewarp Music. Ever since, Timewarp Music has an impressive release catalog, with over 6 artist cd albums, 3 cd compilations, 1 cd single, 1 vinyl single and almost 150 (one hundred fifty)! Digital releases, while is the home of 100+ music producers and 200+ remixers from all around the world, always in a Nu-Funk / Breaks / Nu Disco / Freestyle / Dub attitude.

Timewarp has released five personal albums, eight remix albums and many singles and ep's, while a great number of independent productions and remixes have been released worldwide either as maxi-singles or in various compilations and digital ep's.

Being a musician for more than 20 years, Timewarp is a Sound and Mastering Engineer for other musicians, while he has also licensed his music for major advertising campaigns.

The quality and musical style of his productions, also the frequency, diligence and energy that drives him to run Timewarp Music, drew the attention of many Greek radio producers, journalists and promoters so he soon was established in the Greek market.

Many of his tracks were included in compilations such as 'Urban Deluxe' (V2) and 'Vicious Games', "Campari Red Passion Lounge", " Sensuality Lounge" (Sony BMG, Sony Music), has appeared as DJ Timewarp in famous 'must' clubs of Athens like Soul, Guru, Loop, Funky! Earth, K44, Bios and other open-minded bars, clubs and festivals across Greece (B-live in Larissa along with Parov Stelar) also with his five member band Timewarp Inc during the annual Music Day Festival.

In March 2009, he completed his latest project, the creation of one more record label, Kraak Records, that releases electronic music in general, with no specific genre. Already, having five active years, Kraak Records is the home of 80+ music producers and remixers, having released 3 full length artist albums on CD. Of course, following the footsteps of her big sister Timewarp Music, Kraak Records has already released 76 (seventy six!) digital releases while there are already many scheduled releases for 2014-15.

Angelos Timewarp Stoumpos combines all the characteristics of a modern successful musical personality, with a low profile and a persistence to good music, manages to blend it to the life of a person that lives through what he loves.

DJ, Producer, Remixer, Mastering Engineer: Timewarp
Founder / Owner: Timewarp inc, Timewarp Music, Kraak Records, Timewarp Mastering
Aliases: Timewarp, Timewarp inc, Sampleheadz, Groove Monkz, Timewrap

Download Timewarp Press Kit & Rider (English)

Download Timewarp's Press Kit & Rider (Greek)

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